i like wearing lipstick because you leave marks on literally everything omg. kiss a boy’s cheek? my boy now. drink out of a cup? my cup forever. don’t even think about having coffee out of that thing. it’s like marking your territory

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His dad is my mom, basically.

His dad is my mom, basically.

I can tell that I’m starting to become more social in general, and I’m really glad that that’s happening. The only issue is that I don’t know who to or how to talk to people I haven’t talked to in so long. I don’t know if any of them would have or engage in an actual conversation with me, so I don’t bother. Such is life.


Taking naked pictures of yourself does not make you a bad person. People who share them without your permission are bad people.

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Casual reminder that if your “body positivity” has size, shape, or weight restrictions, that you are NOT in fact body positive at all

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Orca or Killer Whale (Orcinus orca) travels down opening leads of ice, making deep dives under ice to hunt Antarctic Cod, McMurdo Sound, Antarctica by Norbert Wu  / minden pictures

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Amy Winehouse



valerie || amy winehouse

since I’ve come on home
well, my body’s been a mess
and I’ve missed your ginger hair
and the way you like to dress

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I would welcome it like an old friend that I loved. I would welcome it like a fall or winter drizzle during a 6 a.m walk. I would, above all else, welcome it without explanation. And that bothers me some times.

Two more weeks until my birthday beach camping trip. Thank god.


Vance Creek Bridge by: [Griffin Lamb] | {Follow on instagram}

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