So I finally stopped being lazy, and opened up my Etsy shop. Since I posted my FAT BABE brooches on tumblr last week, I’ve had an overwhelming turnout of orders. I’ll be adding more goodies over the next couple of weeks, and am hoping to have crochetwear as well. Right now I have the FAT BABE brooch, and a new item; the FAT BABE sweater guard. If you’re on Etsy, please feel free to follow me, like the items, or like the shop. Every little bit is appreciated so much, honestly. As a Grand Opening thank you, ✨EVERY✨ order made through my Etsy shop from now until Valentine’s Day will get a 💝FREE SECRET BONUS GIFT💝, and it’s pretty cute. If anyone could signal boost this for me, I would appreciate it so much. Thank you to everyone who signal boosted my original brooch post, y’all melted my fat heart 💕

EDIT: Updated pricing info is now accurate.


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    Seriously, tomorrow is the last day to get a free gift with your order in my shop, so if you’re wanting to buy something...
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